Tim's first book - Who Stole My Spear? - is published by Century (Random House). A candid look at how to be a man and the state of masculinity today, it's hailed by Vanity Fair as a must-read, was serialised in the Sunday Times Magazine and became an Amazon best-seller.

It has now been revised and released in the USA as Future Man: How To Evolve And Thrive In The Age Of Trump, Mansplaining and #MeToo. Watch Tim talking about the book on Amanpour on CNN.


“So THAT’S what they’re thinking, a fascinating peep behind the curtains of the 21st century male psyche… Hilarious, witty, insightful, and unique.” - Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones author

"I laughed a lot. And cried some, but only on the inside. Which is where a man cries" – David Duchovny

“Disarmingly honest and funny” - Alain de Botton

“Whether you’re a man or woman, if you’re interested in understanding the current confused, paradoxical, conflicted state of the human male and his future evolution (and who is not?), then this is a must-read book for you” - Deepak Chopra

“Insightful, funny, and honest” - David Baddiel

"A soul-baring attempt to figure out what it means to be masculine" - Louis Theroux

"Brilliant" - Daily Telegraph

"Very funny, insightful, moving - and ambitiously hybrid in form" - The Economist

"How to be a 21st-century caveman" - Sunday Times 

"Samuels himself is a prime, or even primal, example of 20th-century man – a handsome Northerner from hard man Manchester who loves Morrissey and sleeps with a yoga mat next to his bed but still has a bit of Gallagher swagger" - Irish Times

"An absolutely cracking read" - Robert Peston

'It's very funny' - Mail on Sunday

“Thanks for letting me know I’m not the a**hole that I often think I am. Tremendous work” - Steve on Twitter

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Of the 200,000 years homo sapiens has been wandering this planet, this has to be the most absurd and unchartered time to be a man…

How can you hunt and gather in an open-plan office?

Is monogamy fighting a losing battle against testes size?

Why do men make up 95% of FTSE CEOs yet 95% of prisoners?

Trapped in bodies barely changed since caveman days, males are now contending with corporate culture, lifelong commitment, rampant depression that’s making men four times as likely to take their own lives, and crazy expectations to be a success at work and home. Not to mention the boy crisis in schools. It’s time to forget what we regard as ‘normal’ these days; how on earth should men actually be living?

Enter Tim Samuels, an award-winning journalist, film-maker, and host of BBC 5 Live’s Men’s Hour, with WHO STOLE MY SPEAR? - a sharply intelligent but also deadly funny look at the life of modern men.

Brutally honest, witty, eminently topical, and ultimately empowering, WHO STOLE MY SPEAR? interrogates every aspect of life: from relationships, religion, and the rise of ISIS, to porn, fatherhood and the oppression of office life. Nothing is taboo: Is it less serious when a man has an affair? Why don’t new parents want boys?

An inspiring rallying call for men and masculinity which cannot be ignored – that will leave you rethinking much about life’s big questions. And for women who wonder what’s on a man’s mind, this is the book that offers the entertainingly explosive answer.


Tim regularly writes features and opinion pieces for newspapers and magazines - including GQ, Marie Claire, Guardian, New York Times magazine, Daily Telegraph, Mail & the Observer. Here's a selection.