Tim Samuels is a regular presenter, documentary-maker, podcaster and distinctive voice across BBC Radio 4 and the World Service.

Tim’s hit new BBC podcast All Hail Kale - a wry look at wellness - has been called “clever, witty and entertaining” by The Observer and named as the BBC’s number one new podcast by the Evening Standard. Hear all six episodes on the BBC.

His Radio 4 shows include: Tim Samuels' Sleepover, Fantasy Festival series, Guerillas of Pop,  Find Me a New York Jewish Princess, Men in Therapy, Breakfast With Disruptors series, Dr Why? and Tel Aviv Comes Out - which won gold at the New York Festivals international radio awards. His Sleepover inside the Israeli hospital was nominated for best UK radio documentary of the year at the Arias.

On 5 Live, Tim created and hosted five seasons of Men's Hour - the groundbreaking male counterpart to Woman's Hour. He followed this up with a major series on global masculinity for the BBC World Service. He frequently appears on the Today programme.


In the Southern state of North Carolina Tim finds the contradictions and cultural clashes that are playing out across the US – with men often in the middle of the fallout.

In Delhi, Tim finds an Indian city where masculinity plays out against a backdrop of class, caste and a rapidly changing economy. It is also a country that is searching its soul after a serious of notorious sexual assaults against women.

Tim immerses in an extraordinary medical scene - Israeli doctors treating Syrians smuggled over the border for life-saving treatment into a country Syria is technically still at war with. (Nominated for radio documentary of the year at the UK's radio awards, the ARIAS.)

In the days after the terror attack in Paris, Tim spends a weekend living in a notorious 'banlieue' - a neglected suburb on the edge of the city, seen as a breeding ground for radicalism.

Tim heads to New York for a week of full-on immersive dating - even using traditional matchmakers - in search of his Jewish Princess. But will his British teeth pass the test?

The inspiring, uneasy and unexpected story of war veterans - from the Falklands to more recent missions in Belfast and Bosnia - using poetry to tackle their PTSD and mental wounds.

Tim reveals how Tel Aviv has become a leading gay city following a concerted campaign by the mayor. Critics accuse Israel of 'pink-washing' to soften its image - but Tel Aviv stands out as an oasis of gay tolerance in an otherwise hostile region.

Comedian Ruby Wax joins Tim to curate and create the festival of her wildest dreams - a Burning Man-style sensory overload in the heart of Notting Hill. A fascinating psychological insight into Ruby.

A candid conversation between Tim and Salma - a British woman who actively chose to become the second wife in a polygamous relationship. She's not what you'd expect at all.