masculinity in crisos

BBC radio series on masculinity around the world

BBC World Service are airing a three-part documentary series in which Tim Samuels explores and compares the state of men across three continents.

Tim heads to Lagos, Delhi and North Carolina in search of 'What Men Think'.

To listen to the Nigeria episode:

To listen to the USA episode:

To listen to the Indian episode:




Mr Porter: Are we in the middle of a full blown crisis?

Mr Porter have picked on Who Stole My Spear? to review it - and setting it against a wider crisis in masculinity. The review notes:

"The timely release of Who Stole My Spear?, a new book from journalist and documentary filmmaker Mr Tim Samuels. In the book, which covers everything from romance in the Tinder age to dealing with anxiety and depression (sounds heavy, is actually kind of funny), Mr Samuels seeks to investigate the current state of masculinity, outline some of the challenges it faces, and even offer up some helpful pointers of how we might fix it..."

'Who Stole My Spear?' - Sunday Times Magazine feature

The Sunday Times Magazine ran a full 5-page feature on Tim Samuels' book 'Who Stole My Spear'?

Called 'How to Be a 21st-century Caveman', the piece followed writer Matt Rudd manning up with Tim for the day. (paywall)