The Economist

Economist review of Who Stole My Spear?

Read a review of Who Stole My Spear? in the Economist magazine - entitled, Hunting a New Model For Masculinity.

The article starts:

"TIM SAMUELS has been on lots of dates. Near the beginning of “Who Stole My Spear?”, his investigation of 21st-century masculinity, he describes some of them: disastrous dates, comical dates, scary and baffling dates (“Why do I keep attracting fascists?”, he wonders). He is a Tinder aficionado: in five minutes on the app, he notes, “I can view more single women than my great-grandfather would have seen in his entire lifetime in his village.” Judging by these opening chapters, you might expect his book to be an amusing take on big-city single-manhood in the online age. But, while it is often very funny, it is also insightful, both independently and in the context of broader thinking about the predicament of contemporary men..."