Mooch And The Mrs - and NY Post

Tim appeared on the Mooch and the Mrs podcast with Anthony and Deidre Scaramucci.

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Their discussion spawned an interesting article the day next in the New York Post!

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Authority magazine feature on Future Man

Tim is interviewed in Authority magazine about his new US book Future Man: How to Evolve and Thrive in the Age of Trump, Mansplaining, and #MeToo.

We need to learn ‘good masculinity’ — which taps into how men are wired, but in smart modern ways which aren’t harmful to others or in any way against the interests of women”… he tells Yitzi Weiner.

BBC radio series on masculinity around the world

BBC World Service are airing a three-part documentary series in which Tim Samuels explores and compares the state of men across three continents.

Tim heads to Lagos, Delhi and North Carolina in search of 'What Men Think'.

To listen to the Nigeria episode:

To listen to the USA episode:

To listen to the Indian episode:




Marie Claire feature on Who Stole My Spear?

Marie Claire magazine has run a big feature by Tim Samuels on his book Who Stole My Spear? - looking at the pressures men face today. "While women are grappling with glass ceilings, for men it’s more like glass cages..."

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Irish Times reviews Who Stole My Spear?

The Irish Times have reviewed Who Stole My Spear? -  Tim Samuels "book about the uncertain state of masculinity takes in porn, fatherhood, mental health, violence and the trouble with monogamy". 

The review notes: "Samuels himself is a prime, or even primal, example of 20th-century man – a handsome Northerner from hard man Manchester who loves Morrissey and sleeps with a yoga mat next to his bed but still has a bit of Gallagher swagger...".

Dublin's TodayFM talks to Tim

Tim Samuels appeared on Anton Savage's show on TodayFM - talking about Tim's experiences working undercover for the BBC to expose racism in Belfast... and the five types of men in a relationship, as explored in his book Who Stole My Spear? Listen at: