Celia Walden

Daily Telegraph comments on 'Who Stole My Spear?'

In an article on sexism, Telegraph columnist Celia Walden refers to Tim Samuels' book on modern masculinity. She writes:

"Author and filmmaker Tim Samuels, who has written a brilliant response to these modern girl guides, Who Stole My Spear? in which he explains why 2016 is “the most absurd and challenging time to be a man” assures me that men don’t see themselves as fighting some great ideological battle against women. “The vast majority (in the West) embrace the notion of equality – and, above all, are pragmatic (especially in this economy).”

Because, he maintains, by and large men want to be liked, and value their reputations and jobs. However, Samuels does feel that there has been a shift in tone. “Now we self-censor and play a straight bat. Better to just avoid telling that joke or complimenting a colleague rather than risk being hauled over the coals like Sir Tim Hunt or that LinkedIn lawyer."