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"Clever, witty, entertaining" - great reviews for All Hail Kale

Tim’s new BBC podcast All Hail Kale, a wry look at wellness, is drawing big listener figures (reaching number one podcast on the BBC) - and great critical reaction.

The Observer calls it “clever, witty and entertaining”.

The Evening Standard have named as the BBC’s number one new podcast.

New Zealand’s biggest news site, Stuff, says it’s “a mix of science, investigative journalism, myth busting and good old fashion skepticism. Samuels himself is a key reason I listen in.”

Grazia magazine call it “humorous and analytical”.

Hear all six episodes on the BBC.

All Hail Kale - BBC podcast launches

Tim’s new BBC podcast - ALL HAIL KALE - has launched. Wellness with wit and actual evidence.

The 6-part series will provide the entertaining voice of sanity, in this new podcast that cuts through the hype and hysteria of the three-trillion-dollar wellness industry. Tim will investigate what foods, therapies, gurus and lifestyles you should be embracing, which are total nonsense and others that might just work.

 Each episode will focus on a different wellness issue which will see Tim prepare for a nutritious post-apocalypse, go through cheese rehab, attempt to beautify builders, rewire his brain and delve in future gut-based treatments for depression. Providing the medical voice of reason is a New York-based gynaecologist who is the only doctor who doesn’t screen Tim’s calls. 

Some of the biggest names in wellness - like Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra and Gretchen Rubin - feature in the series, and give their own special end-of-show meditations to soothe listeners.