The Drone Kill List - on NatGeo channel

On the National Geographic channel... What's it like to be on the drone kill list - of targeted assassinations? Tim Samuels has been to Pakistan to meet a guy the US has fired 3 drones at who says he's innocent - and try to get some sense in DC. See an excerpt here, with Tim talking to a former US military officer:


Tim picks favourite novel line on Mr Hyde

From Shortlist's Mr Hyde site:

We asked five brilliant writers to tell us about the last thing they highlighted (electronically or otherwise) while reading a book

Tim Samuels

“Neil was the kind of coiled person who, when you met him, you had a hunch that something interesting could happen to, and you wanted to know him long enough to find out what it might be.” (From The Faithful Couple by AD Miller)

And there Miller lays the foundations for a taut, unnervingly incisive exploration of male friendship, moral ambiguity and betrayal that plays out across decades. The friendship between young men – where competition and power dynamics simmer – is one of the hardest emotions to capture, but Miller knocks it out of the park.
Tim is the author of Who Stole My Spear? How to be a Man in the 21st Century published by Century